Types of Publicist


Publicist is a broad term. While all deal with media, there are several different types to fit the needs of any client. Below a list has been complied to give a better understanding of the different types.

1. Press representative

2. Public relations publicist – Manages the public image of a client or a work of art such as a film.
Special publicity consultant

3. Unitpublicist – The unit publicist brings attention to the production phase of making a film or other work of art by organizing media kits, sending out press releases, and arranging media visits to the production.

4. Media agent – liaises between the ordinary person (interviewee) and publications or TV to ‘sell’ their story.

You must evaluate the needs in order to choose the correct type of publicist. It’s best to have someone working for you that can specialize in exactly what it takes to get the job done.

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