Lil Kim Checks Rocsi



Things got a little uncomfortable on between Lil Kim and Rocsi on 106 and Park.

Keep reading or details and video…

The Queen Bee, Lil’ Kim popped up on BET’s 106 & Park yesterday to promote her latest single ‘If you Love Me’ and showed plenty love to her late friend Notorious B.I.G on the 15th anniversary of his death. Everything was all fine and dandy until things took an unexpected left turn when host Rosci attempted to bring up the topic of her arch nemesis Nicki Minaj. Kim brushed it off and wanted to move on but Rosci tried to give it one more shot by saying:

Kim, with much respect due to you and your craft and I’m not trying to not say what the fans don’t want to hear but it’s being an elephant in the room and it’s being spit on there. It’s the only reason why I address it. I respect your game if you say you don’t want to talk about it but I don’t want to see you talking about it somewhere else.

Lil Kim politely declined and switched the conversation back to her music and her fans and everything seemed good, however she logged on to twitter last night to express how she really felt:

I want to take the time 2 say #TeamLilKim & all my fans that came out 2 106. I f*cking love you guys. Y’all really turnt it up 7 represented. Even when Rosci tried to get disrespectful towards the end & ask an inappropriate irrelevant question on the day we are supposed to be celebrating my man, notorious B.I.G’s accomplishments.

It’s definitely understandable why Kim would be mad, however Rocsi was doing her job. Producers were more than likely in her ear telling her to ask those questions. It’s a gamble..





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